Admission are now open for limited seats from classes Nursery to IX and XI for the 2022-23 academic year. ||


Ensure that your ward wears previous session’s ID Card till the new ones are ready.


School fees and other dues must be paid by the stipulated date in each quarter.

Intimate the school in case of any change in your address, telephone number(s) and e-mail address. This will facilitate school authorities to contact the parents in case of any emergency.


As the medium of instruction is English, children should be helped to follow their classes easily by a certain amount of regular conversation in this language at home as well.

Do not send anyone else to pick/drop your child without a proper authority letter that has been duly signed by you. It must also consist of your residence/mobile nos.


Instruct your ward to report at the school reception in case he/she has to remain in the school after school time.

Attendance of your ward is compulsory. Please ensure that your ward is regular to school. Incase he/she is absent, a leave application is to be submitted the same/next very day. But it is further for your information that the topic missed by your ward would not be repeated.


The assessment and evaluation would be as per CBSE guidelines. All the exams and assessments are mandatory. Leaves during unit tests and other exams are strongly discouraged. Leave on account of illness during exams or otherwise will be granted only if an application and medical certificate for the same is submitted the next very day.

When you receive your ward’s almanac, kindly go through all the rules and regulations carefully. Please send back the information pages dully filled to school.


Check the diary regularly for any entries/circulars from the school. The diary may also be used by the parent/s for communicating with the teacher/s or school authorities. Sign all the notes sent by the school

We don’t ask for money without a written communication. Please don’t send the same with children unless specified.


Please see that your ward carries text/exercise books according to the Time Table for that day. No extra books are allowed.

Please label your ward’s uniform, books and belongings properly to avoid any confusion.


All Saturdays are working days for students of classes I to XII except second saturday and fourth Saturday. 


Refer to the school facebook page /website on regular basis for the latest updates.


Giving presents to the staff or other demonstrations of gratitude or goodwill in their honour is not allowed

Encourage him/her to note down the assignments carefully and regularly in the diary.


Students suffering from contagious disease should not be sent to school, till the mandatory period of quarantine is over. A Fitness certificate will be required to be deposited with the class teacher once the child is back in school.

All students are expected to bring proper lunch and water bottle.

Any kind of document required by parents need to be applied for a week prior.




We don’t allow any child to leave by the first trip so kindly don’t request for the same. In case it’s an emergency please come and pick the child yourself.

The stop of the ward would not be changed under any circumstances if informed the same day.

In case you would want the change of bus stop please inform the Transport Department in writing at least a week prior.The school however reserves the right of the availability of the seat on the new address

In case your ward misses the bus in the first trip then please drop the child yourself to school.

The school reserves the right to alter/ change stop/ the route.

If your ward is using his/her own conveyance, please ensure he/she is dropped 10 mins earlier than the school time. Failing to do so the child would be marked absent.

In case your child doesn’t reach back at the scheduled time, contact the school reception or transport in charge.

The rules of the bus are to be followed strictly. In case, your ward violates any transport norm, school has the right to withdraw bus service for Her/him.




Birthdays are always special. We would want children to feel special without any show off. The child is allowed to distribute chocolates (not more than Rs. 10)/toffess only. Any child found getting any kind of packets /choclates more than Rs 10 will not be allowed to distribute .So kindly ensure that you adhere to it.

The children  are not allowed colored dress. They may though distribute Toffes/ choclates as per norms mentioned in point 1. Birthday Party in school premises is not allowed so kindly do not send any amount /eatables like cakes, pastries etc in school




Parent Teacher Meetings should be utilized as a platform to interact with the teachers to be well informed regarding the academic progress and behaviour of the child. Schedule for the Meetings is given in the school diary. However, parents are also informed about the Meeting through Diary/SMS sent by the school.

Adherence to time schedule of Meeting is desirable.

Students are required to report to school in uniform on the days of PTM.

Though the almanac has the schedule of meetings for the session but you may meet the teachers on any Saturday except second Saturday / Holiday Saturday after taking a prior appointment with class teacher


Forbidden Items-


Watches ,Jewellery & Make up- The students are not allowed to wear any watch /expensive jewellery to school. Pupils are not permitted to wear mehndi, nail polish and make up.


Hair –

Girls with medium/long hair should arrive in school with neatly tied one or two plaits.


Girls with short hair should wear a hairband. No Pony’s are acceptable .


Hair colour should be natural and extreme hairstyles are not allowed. The students are expected to wear Black or bottle green color clips, hair bands and rubber bands. No colored accessories will be allowed.


Boys- No spikes and fancy cuts in the school will be allowed .The length of the hair should also be nearly army cut.

Please ensure your ward does not carry electronic gadget such as mobile/ cell phones/Ipods ets.


Note : In case, any of the forbidden item is caught, then the same would be confiscated by the school and a penalty would be imposed as per school norms.


DPS Ambala